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Guitarra Hybrid Crafter SAT-QMOS

Publicado em 28/06 às 12:23

ACOUSTIC ELECTRIC GUITAR HYBRID / ELECTRIC - Body carved mahogany table with Quilted Maple - Mahogany set neck 21 frets, rosewood fingerboard, pearl inlays, and white binding - Preamp LR Baggs hybrid electromagnetic micro + Kent Armstrong P90 Type - 3-way switch (magnetic / piezo / mix) - 2 Volumes + 2 tones - Mechanical oil bath chrome - Orange Sunburst Finish UTILIZATION Close to a Gibson neck profile in terms of the handle, for me, super comfortable and I have small hands. The shape and ergonomics are very good: nice, light, accessible. Access to acute is good through the notch in the body. The great versatility of the instrument as it can while playing switch from "electric" to "electro-acoustic" or mix the two: That's great. We can even work with two amps: one acoustic and electric jack for connecting stereo guitar. (The connection cable comes with stereo). Simply switch the mini switch on the guitar amp to change or work on both, that's even better because the surface is thereby optimized sound and transplanted all the live sound console is huge. SOUNDS Nothing is more subjective than the sound you get: I wanted a guitar in the style Taylor T5 but not at the same rate. Then I wanted to play with this type of guitar, blues rock, and the West Coast, in short, it's perfect for me

Rio de Janeiro
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Publicado em 28/06 às 12:23-cód. 824140154-anúncio profissional

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